The "Clean" Utopia

coldwater surfing denmark

waves on the north shore of zealand

Searching for "clean" in a geographical reality depending on wind. Living on Zealand (the biggest island in Denmark) we're surrounded by small seas with not much chance of creating proper and consistent, long travelling, ground swell. Sure, the wind sometimes drops fast and there might be small "leftovers" for at short period of time, but nothing in comparison to the larger oceans. So mostly the eternal quest is hunting for waves in sheltered places when the wind is full on. And to create enough wave size after they have wrapped around the coast, a jetty etc. the wind needs to be pretty strong. We have one of the longest coast lines compared to the size of our small country, so there is plenty of places to look, but even the slightest change in the wind direction makes huge differences in where to go. So, completely glassy conditions is a super rare dish around these parts. The lower bar of wave quality is only raising the level of stoke and thrill to get out there, as people get less picky... So here's a couple of pictures of some pretty average lines rolling in on the northern coast line. Don't know where we want to go with this, other than maybe high-light the utopia it is; being a surfer around these parts...