The B-Roll

winter scene at the local surf spot

Surfboard and OH DAWN shirt

snow and self shaped stubbie surfboard

homemade singlefin stubbie in the snow

Coldwater surfing getting warm in the car

coldwater surfing in denmark

"Behind the scene" frames from the AW16 lookbook. Shot in the middle of winter last year, near some of the local surf spots. Really cold with a bit of snow, chasing the light on a somewhat mediocre day while struggling to keep warm.  Brought the homemade stubbie in hope of some small waves, but without any luck, though. Shot entirely on 35mm format as usual. We've always been shooting heaps of "real" film formats. We're big fans of the look and feel, the occasional random outcome and the element of "craftsmanship"... See the pictures here or go straight to dessert!