The Mini-Sim' Experiment

selfshaped mini-simmons surfboard

We'd been walking around this old longboard blank for a while, trying to decide on what to build. We ended up cutting it in half, to experiment on two super short sleds. This is how one of them turned out - a 4,8" mini-simmons with the flotation of a boat. Thick, flat and boxy with a deep single concave between the big keel fins. We decided not to foil the fins on both sides. The thought was that a twin fin that short, would turn on a dime anyway and it sure does! So the board works really well in small, gutless surf and it flies over flats, but once the wave gets steeper or start building up, the board is getting a bit out of control... But what the f*ck, we have small, shitty waves here most of the time anyway:-)